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Single mode 
Couple mode
At Camera mode, Wali immediately detects the face in your cellphone’s preview screen, and it starts to track your movement until your face is not moving, it makes sure you are ready for a nice picture, then it stars counting down and take a snap for you. If you move again when counting down, it will wait for your readiness again, then take a picture of you. Smart? bet.
Wireless remote control
Group mode
Enjoy taking selfie without a selfie stick. Effortlessly present the best side of yourself to illustrate the perfect photos.
Wireless Remote Control gives you the freedom and easy access to Wali, from angle adjustment to shutter operation remotely. Process of taking terrific photos have been simplified but effortlessly effective.
Auto panorama 360°
Selfie Any Angle, Anytime!
Auto face tracking
Camera with auto face tracking
Wali is designed to perform more just a standard digital camera; it is able to create panoramic shots with a 360° field of view with high resolution quality picture but without the heavy weight equipment and other accessories. 
Video recording with sensor tracking
Auto Facial Tracking can use IR sensor on remote control to auto tracking both photo taking and video camera occasions. No matter how you move, where you move, there is no limitation; Wali will always capture your best pictures.
Who says Selfie takes a hand?  We say Hands Free with Wali!!
Wali provides 3 Selfie modes. Hands Free!
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