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Do I need an App to start using Wali selfie robot?


Yes, you would need to download Wali Selfie Robot APP from Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store. Just search Wali and you should be able to find it for download.

How do I connect my smart phone with Wali selfie robot? 


After you install the Wali Fiebot App, just tap to open it, it will automatically search any Wali Selfie Robot available within the Bluetooth range. Make sure your Wali is powered on, and your smart phone is Bluetooth enabled. Then Wali App will locate Wali Selfie Robot and the rest is only one tap away to get connected. 

Why there is an extra rubber holder in the package?


Wali is a perfect companion to your smart phone so that it can help you grab Selfie pictures with hands free. When you put your smart phone on Wali, you may find your smart phone is held too tight or too loose because each phone’s thickness varies. The extra rubber holder is to provide better adjustment. Choose a right one for your own smart phone. 




Why sometimes Wali can’t track my face smoothly?


There are few situations that Wali might not be able to track your face smoothly or correctly. Some are due to the limit of your smart phone’s camera function, i.e. when taking picture against light, or when the ambient light is too dark, both situation might lead to too vague face that Wali has difficult to locate and track it. If your smart phone’s camera function is more sensitive or with better dynamic range sensor and better lens, this kind of difficulty can be better resolved. Some are due to the angel of your face. Wali will require 2/3 of your front face to be seen in order to correctly locate and track accordingly. In this kind of case, it’s suggested to use remote control or IR sensor tracking to free from any Selfie angle limitation from auto face tracking. 


Why sometimes when I turn on IR sensor on my remote control, Wali might shake his head rapidly and looks like it’s out of control?


Normally when you pull your remote control too close to Wali when you turn on the IR sensor, you have a chance to see this reaction. Draw farer a little bit, Wali will calm down and track your remote control smoothly. No worry, just give Wali a bit room, he is sensitive.


Wali is a very easy to use Selfie Robot. It helps you get more beautiful Selfie pictures without bothering your hands. We are pretty confident you would have enjoyed playing it straightly without reading the user manual. It’s simple as that!

However, here are some Frequent Asked Questions for your reference. 

Why bigger face in the preview screen has priority of being tracked than smaller face?


Yes, Wali likes to recognize and track bigger face. Stay in the front when taking group pictures!


How do I know my wireless remote control is out of battery?


Wali’s remote control has rechargeable battery inside. When you press the power button and hold for 3 seconds, you will then turn on the remote control. The LED indicators at the side of remote control will light blue. If you don’t see the LED light, try few more times. If still can’t see LED lights on, your remote control could be out of battery. Please connect it via an Micro USB cable to charge the remote control. 



Question: what if my jumper cable put on both terminals but the Green light doesn’t ON?

If your jumper cable put on both terminals but Green light doesn’t turn on which means the voltage is a bit too low. Now, you need to take a pin to pin the hole on the jumper cable body to make it boost.

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