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It all started in the spring of 2013 with a simple idea: make a unique product. But, not just a unique product, a better way of doing things. We gather exceptional talents across Taiwan, China and Singapore with various backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives, but we all share one common dream: change things for the better and leave a mark on the world. 

What does Unigear mean?


A tool. A gear. It transmits torque to change the world.
"Give me a pivot, I can prize up the earth."—Archimedes

Unique product. Practical creation.


Unigear focus on product characteristics such as functionality and user experience. Products must be simply practical and meaningful in life. By far, we have launched world's smartest selfie robots, Power On jump starters and Cam On mobile vision series. More unique products are on the pipeline.  

A business. A journey. 

"Well, if Fortune be a woman, she is a good wench for this gear." –Shakespeare

We pursue the highest standards professionally, personally and ethically. We always strive for improvement and aim to provide the best value to our users. More innovation will soon be brought to life, just enjoy it!



Enjoy life, Enjoy Unigear.


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