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ColorUp, an interactive lamp that can mimic the color of any physical object or surface.


Color is a stimulant; there is a long list of history demonstrating how color affects our emotions.


Making ideas a reality.

Start remembering the passion you have for colors

Start remembering the times you wish you could

just change all the colors in your room,

because now you can.


Capture vivid colors in one sec.

By using the color frequencies detecting and transforming technique, users are able to squeeze the ball part and suck in few hundred frequencies of colors and beam it through the light bulb.


The playful magic lies in its ability to make people realize the vibrant color palette around them.

ColorUp Magic Color Sensing Lamp

SKU: ColorUpLampSilver
  • Product Name

    ColorUp Lamp Silver

    Product  Dimension


    Product Weight



    DC 5V 1.5A(Micro USB port)

    Bulb Color

    Pure White

    Charging TIme

    3~4hrs to Full

    Operation Time

    4~6hrs Continuous Use

    LED Wattage

    RGB LEDx1; 0.5W (Multi colors)


    Pressure sensor and Light sensor


    Light cover-Silicone
    Base - PC+ABS

    Color Temperature


    Lumen Maintenance



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